Since 1987, when Alexandros Kolovos and Vassiliki Exarchou come back to Greece, having completed their studies in London, they have been closely collaborated throughout a series of constructional projects and joint ventures.

Over the past thirty years, the two partners, Alexandros as an architect and Vassiliki as a civil engineer, have been co-operating with several professionals such as architects, civil and mechanical engineers, interiors designers and many more related to the same field.

Nowadays, the workshop consists of a creative team of productive and fully efficient professionals. 

The work office is conveniently located in Athens, an inspired and inspirational city in the Mediterranean, and specializes in a wide scale of services, ranging from design of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, offices, residences, holiday houses, landscaping, renovating, restoring and reforming buildings to Contemporary Housing, as well as tourism development projects, boutique hotels and urban design of public places.

The existence  of CMH is ”A way of Life”.

Architecture and Planning is also ”Our Way of Life”.